Cast the bonds of typical vacation aside and travel with globe trotting adventure guide Dai Mar Tamarack. Dai Mar makes each trip an adventure by traveling along as a personal guide, taking care of all of the nuances and logistics, while providing local knowledge of over 40 countries. Whether it is teaching young travelers the art of traveling or providing wildlife expertise to seasoned adventurers, Dai Mar's passion for sharing new experiences catches on like wild fire. 
  Dai Mar has a unique background and skill set. He grew up living among endangered wildlife from around the world on an island off the coast of Georgia, USA which the Bronx Zoo used as an offsite breeding program. He studied to be a marine biologist and has over four hundred dives across six continents. Dai Mar is a 100ton US Coast Guard certified Master Captain and has delivered sailboats from Texas to Panama. He found his passion for educating while teaching English in Tokyo, and continued educating as a marine naturalist in California and Hawaii. He is also a trained lifeguard, rescue diver, wilderness first responder, and NAI interpretive guide. When he is not leading private tours Dai Mar is working as Expedition Leader with UnCruise  and Silversea in destinations around the globe. 

   There are a select few guides with as much world experience as Dai Mar but the real unique aspect of adventuring with him is the photo blog he creates during your travel. His award winning photography is a huge bonus to any trip and the blog provides a way for all those at home to follow along on your journey. 

Reviews from past guests:
    Kim (USA) -"The blog of the boy's adventure was sensational! As we poured over the pictures and text, we all felt as though we were sharing in their experience. I shared the site with family and friends but by the close of the trip, I was astounded by the number of people who were not only following the blog, but who actually reached out to us to inquire about the boy's adventure with you. The blog created a sensation. Congratulations. It was spectacular."

  Mary (USA) - "I recently had the pleasure of working with Dai Mar Tamarack to put together a trip-of-a-lifetime to Africa. I had previously met Dai Mar as a guide on an Un-Cruise expedition to Hawaii in 2015. My whole family and I were incredibly impressed with his overall  knowledge, sense of adventure, and teaching ability. I then asked him to plan and lead a private family trip to Africa over the Christmas holiday in 2017. Dai Mar did all the planning and logistics for 13 people coming from multiple cities without a flaw! Even more importantly, he was able to recommend and help to lead a safari adventure through Kenya and Tanzania, as well as a scuba and snorkel adventure at the end in Zanzibar. I would highly recommend Dai Mar for any adventure that a group could cook up!"