With me as your travel agent, tour guide, and photographer I can set up a personalized itinerary anywhere you want to go. If you want to start with one of the tried and true destinations then you can see some sample locations below. 

East Africa: From hiring a private driver to explore all of Kenya's hotspots to getting the ultimate 'Out of Africa' royal treatment flying from park to park and staying at some of the worlds most exclusive lodges and tent camps, this is my stomping ground. Go where animals still rule, take a side trip to see some of the last gorillas on earth, and finish off on a tropical island surrounded by turquoise waters and coral reef. Check out a review of the latest East Africa trip here: DaiMar'sBlog

South Africa/Botswana/Victoria Falls: This itinerary can cover very different ecosystems from cold water penguins, right whales, and great white sharks near Cape Town, to some of the densest animal life at Kruger National Park, and about as wild as it gets in the middle of the famous Okavango Delta. End up at the lush Victoria Falls

New Zealand/Australia/Bali/Fiji: This itinerary is for the energetic, dynamic, surf and scuba dive adventure of a lifetime. Explore glaciers on New Zealands South Island and tropical beaches steeped in rich culture in Bali. Here is a review of the most recent trip to Oceana: Oceana Trip

Hawaii Island Hopping: Get behind the scenes as I weave a story of Hawaii's amazing history through adventures, tastings, wildlife, snorkeling, whale watching from a private boat, surfing, diving, waterfalls, name it.

These are just a few samples of trips that I have led in the past. Contact for an inquiry and ideas and we will get the ball rolling on the trip of a lifetime.